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Relationship Healing

Heal thy self. Health thy relationships.

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Singles Therapy

We all want to have that successful relationship, but are at a point where they just want to give up. They think it’s the men/women out here, but have you ever considered that it may be you? You probably have already been dating the one for you but have been overthinking the situation too much. Maybe you just can’t relax. You move too fast. You want things your way. Relationships are a two-way street.

We want to see everyone win at love because it really is possible to have it and there is someone out there for everyone. Let us help you find the core root of your issues.

Couples Therapy

We also offer couples therapy. This is within our Relationship Coaching sector. We realize that each relationship and dating scenario is different. Every relationship has its trials so there is no one print rule book geared towards helping every relationship and couple. What may seem like a “general” rule of thumb won’t work for every relationship. Our coaching program helps every couple to make their relationship work for them.

Couple Meditating

Group Sessions

As the lounge continues to grow, we do plan on incorporating group sessions and events. These will be small to medium sized sessions where you can not only meet others, but have someone else outside of your circle to converse with. It's always comforting to know that you're not alone in what you're going through.