Manifested Bliss

A Jezebel, who is now a soon to be wife, masters the art of manifestation and attempts to get her friends husbands.

Meet The Cast & Crew


Naomi K. Bonman

Producer, Director, Writer

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Kelsey Wilson

Director of Photography


Eric Clardy

Production Assistant​

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Raisa D'Oyley


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Jeff Saint Dic


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Karen Elessie


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JoJo Brooks


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Aaliyah Reid


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Kevin Kaze Thomas


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Marie France Louis


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Kori Poe


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Darryl Chambers



Cedric McKenzie




The Film.

Our manifestations create pure Bliss in our lives.

In high school and even in college, people, especially young women believe that they'll have their life all mapped out. In the moments of life, they don't see how the circle of events eventually propels them to their destined journey.

Four best friends: Ashlyn, Jade, Briana, and Stacey, have experienced divorce, hot girl summers, plenty of girl's trips, and just overall life! Life has been fun and they all enjoy the sisterhood they have, but now that the main hot girl of the group, Ashlyn, is getting married, she wants her girls to experience the same Bliss. Her engagement party is coming up and she thinks it will be good to put a twist on things, so she puts each of her girl's to the test to bring a date to the party in hopes that it will lead to some happily ever afters or at least some future hubby potentials for the girls.



There are films about sisterhood, but we feel that there aren’t enough out there. Mainstream media showcases Black women in a negative light. They showcase the fighting and the drama, when in reality there are true sisterhoods out there where as sistas, we not only have each other’s back and support one another, but we hold each other accountable.​




We can create the life that we want. Life and death really is in the power of the tongue. You speak life into what you want to see manifest. If you speak negative, negative things will happen, but if you speak positive, positive things will happen. You don’t need a psychic that claims that say’s good will come to you if you pay them to balance your chakras or break a curse against you. All you need to manifest your desires is faith + prayer + action + results.


Healthy Relationships.

Manifested Bliss portrays healthy relationships and black couples working as a team. Society tries to say that Black women will be bitter and single for the rest of their lives, but when reality there are so many thriving and successful Black relationships.


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