Awakened Studio

Awakened Studio is where creatives of color come to together to create magic on the big screen. Our films not only inspire the mind, but they can also help people gain that life and spiritual guidance that they are seeking. 


Manifested Bliss

Coming Soon

A Jezebel, who is now a soon to be wife, masters the art of manifestation and attempts to get her friends husbands.

Values-Short Film


When one naive young woman thinks that she can have the man that she desires, so she'll literally aim to please his needs, only to find out that he doesn't see her as valuable and in turn commits to someone else.


Temptations, Lies, & Betrayal


The granddaughter of an overbearing and protective grandmother finally gets a taste of freedom when she gets to go away for college; however, can this sheltered girl handle the temptations and lies that come with now being out there in the real world and that lay beneath the surface of a college campus?



Sometimes the good girl can put on that good-good act instead of just saying how she really feels. 


Music Changing Lives Documentary 


Music Changing Lives interview for the 'Living a Life of Purpose' interview series.